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Clear Braces

Trusted Liverpool Invisible Braces

It can be easy to forget that dental misalignment issues can negatively impact your self-esteem and oral health. For example, gaps between your teeth can make you more susceptible to developing gum disease. If you're looking for an effective and minimally invasive way to straighten your smile, Synergy Dental Care is here for you. We're proud to offer excellent clear braces to Liverpool residents and those in its surrounding communities.

Our office has spent years improving our services so that we can provide you with an innovative orthodontic option: Six Month Smiles® clear aligners. We can begin seeing patients as young as 18 and look forward to helping you get the straight and healthy smile of your dreams. Call us or visit our office to schedule your next appointment with our skilled dental team!


Do I Need Clear Aligners?

You may be wondering whether clear aligners are right for you. When you visit our practice for the first time, our team will take the time to outline some of the benefits of orthodontics. Whether you've never had Six Month Smiles clear aligners before or you're looking for a retreatment option, some of the benefits of our Liverpool invisible braces include:

  • Minimizing cavities: Although your teeth are durable and can withstand years of use, dental misalignments can make them more prone to developing cavities. Harmful bacteria can remain in hard-to-reach places when your teeth overlap or are too far apart. Even after brushing and flossing, the remaining bacteria can eat away at your teeth's enamel and cause deep cavities.
  • Improving self-confidence: Your smile is a gateway to your personality. Feeling self-conscious about your smile's appearance can prevent you from being yourself. You can let your outside appearance match your inner beauty by straightening your smile and improving its overall appearance.
  • Preventing gum disease: One of the leading causes of gum disease development is when you have gaps between your teeth. When your teeth aren't situated tightly between each other, you can get deep pockets in your gums that create a space for bacteria to live. Clear orthodontic braces help eliminate pockets so that bacteria are easier to eliminate.

Our Invisible Braces Treatment Process

Our dental team will begin the clear alignment treatment process by detailing what it entails. When wearing your clear aligners over your upper and lower sets of teeth, they gently place pressure on them to shift them into their desired positions. Treatment time can vary depending on the severity of your dental misalignment. However, most patients can expect to complete treatment in six to twelve months.

After determining whether clear braces are right for you, we'll take detailed impressions of your smile. Our skilled orthodontic team will send them to a local lab where they'll carefully craft your aligners. Once your aligners are ready, we'll have you visit our practice so that we can place them and ensure they fit securely and comfortably. By periodically wearing a different set of aligners, your smile will experience drastic changes for the better.

Dental Braces FAQs

At Synergy Dental Care, we're passionate about giving you the information you need to make confident decisions about your oral health. That's why our friendly dental team is here to answer your questions and break down dental processes. Some of the most frequently asked questions about transparent braces include:

How do I clean my transparent braces?

Keeping your clear aligners clean is a simple process. Our team recommends using a toothbrush and approved cleanser to gently brush the inside and outside of your aligners. It's crucial that you use room temperature water as anything hotter may warp your aligners and prevent them from fitting back on your teeth.

It's normal to feel slight discomfort when you first wear your clear aligners and place a new set. However, any discomfort that you may feel will go away in a day or two as your smile adapts to the feeling of your aligners.

We understand that as careful as our patients are, accidents can happen. If you lose one or both aligners in your current set, it's important that you contact our office as soon as possible. Our team may work to create a new set of aligners for you or move you on to the next set, depending on your progress. In the meantime, we recommend that you wear your previous set to maintain your results.

Quality Clear Orthodontic Braces in Liverpool

If you're looking for clear braces in Liverpool, Synergy Dental Care is the practice for you. Our office is proud to leverage clear aligners to give you the straight and healthy smile you deserve. You can rest assured that we'll work to make your overall experience as stress-free as possible. Contact us today to schedule your next appointment and learn how our invisible braces can meet your needs!



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